“I think rivers as International boundaries was a very very bad idea. I think… rivers is where things come together, not where they get put apart.”

There’s an international national park on the southern border that combines some of Mexico and some of Texas. A ferry (rowboat) takes you between the two sides. Once on the Mexican side you can walk to town or take a burro. People sell wares on the honor system.

“the crossings here were very casual… I think what really impacted that was 9/11… after 9/11 when we felt the need to do something, even if we did it wrong.”

It’s a refreshing change of pace and perspective from the rhetoric thrown around at us every day to fear monger us into submission. There’s always another side to the story. One full of humans trying to do their best, living their lives, with dreams, hopes, and desires of their own.

Anyway. You don’t need me to tell you that. Check out the video. It’s nicely done. I’m insanely jealous of it.

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