Death Cab is back with a song of the times. Techlash, gentrification, phone addiction...

In the video Ben Gibbard walks through the streets and clothes and styles keep changing. The streets are sparsely populated in what I suppose is the 50’s, and ends up in a sea of people all staring at their phones, trying to walk against the crowd until he’s eventually subsumed.

“They’re digging for gold in my neighborhood/ For what they say is the greater good/ But all I see is a long goodbye/ A requiem for a skyline/ It seems I never stop losing you/ As every dive becomes something new/ And all our ghosts get swept away/ It didn’t used to be this way”

“I remember a winter’s night/ When we kissed beneath the street lamp light/ Outside our bar near the record store/ That have been condos for a year or more/ And now that our haunts have taken flight/ And been replaced with construction sites/ Oh, how I feel like a stranger here/ Searching for something that’s disappeared